A little history of the Slugs:

The team was started in 2006. We have worked with the local rinks to get us ice time in the morning, (which we now refer to as 'cop hockey,') so we could pursue our love for the game of hockey.

The team originally formed from the core group of players who came out to play on those mornings. Our current home rink is at IceLine in West Chester PA. We play in the Men's league there, mostly on Monday nights. We also play in tournaments, both local and regionally. We have played in Pittsburgh, Reading, Bethlehem, Delaware, and Maryland.

We have had the privilege of being sponsored by many amazing organizations, one of the first of which was a local steel mill, O'Rourke & Sons. This sponsorship, as well as the usual reference to bullets as 'slugs,' led to our current team name and logo.

Players have come and gone over the years, with some members still here from the beginning; and a solid core of players who play as many games as their respective schedules allow.

One of the main purposes of this team was to have a way for fellow officers to get together outside of work, and the fact that we get to play hockey is just icing on the cake.

Most people who have played sports will relate that there is a special camaraderie built between players that have played, sweated, and at times bled for their team. As Police Officers and Firefighters, we thoroughly understand the concept of working for and being a part of something bigger than ourselves. The chance to be able to play with a group of like-minded individuals is a blessing that cannot be overstated. The camaraderie that has been developed by this team has helped bridge the gaps between the different departments and counties that the team is comprised of.

We have had great times together as a team, playing in tournaments across the tri-state region, as well as winning a championship at IceLine. Any time a group of Slugs gets together, you can be sure there will be tournament stories.

These stories and memories also help to carry us through the difficult times that are intrinsic in the line of work of which we are employed.