Slugs 2012-2013 Roster

Number Name Position Association
86 Adriana Culmone Forward Lower Merion Police Department
41 Andrew Morris Defense/Penalty Box Coach Upper Darby Police Department
62 Andrew Oreo Forward
27 Andrew "Bucky" Rebuck Behind the play Reading Fire Department
28 Bob Marvil Center
9 Brian Maturo Forward Pennsylvania State Police
44 Charels "Butchie" Root Where ever I want, as long as Stinger isn't out there. Montgomery County Juvenille Probation Office
6 Charles King Forward Lower Providence Police Department
15 Chris Malarick Forward/Defense Garrettford-Drexel Hill Volunteer Fire Company
71 Craig Nolan Coach Media Police Department
38 Dan Devito Forward Media Police Department
13 Dan "Chewie" Lydon Every where but where I'm suposed to be Glenolden Police Department
39 Denny Glick Defense Civilian
91 Ed Dymek Forward/Goalie Civilian
29 Frank Guille Nut between the pipes Upper Darby Police Department
42 Jamie "Sprinkler" Sparenga Forward Pennsylvania State Police
87 Jay "JT" Tammaro Defense Lower Merion Police Department
36 Jim Billie Forward
3 Jim Bilotta Defense/Senior Citizen
19 Justin Richway Forward Philadelphia Fire Department
2 Larry Sipple In everyone else's way
4 Lou Tomasetti Defense Upper Darby Police Department
26 Mark Morrisey Forward Upper Darby Fire Department
56 Matt Fusco Defense
7 Matt Stinger Center, Butchie's idol despite his lame comments
and his fighting that he has a man crush on 7
Lower Merion Police Department
25 Mike "Slatts" Slattery Defense Lower Providence Police Department
51 Pat Gardner Defense
8 Patrick McCann Defense
10 Robert "RobBob" Malarick Defense Downingtown Police Department
47 Tim "Choo Choo" Baker Forward Upper Darby Fire Department
14 Tony Howe Forward
5 Brad Fox Defense Plymouth Township Police Department
77 Matt Bellucci Forward
98 Skippy Carroll